Natural Birch Folding Laptop Desk/ Tray Table


HAND CRAFTED IN THE USA! Like our Custom/Hand Crafted version, we produce these from high grade birch ply. The Natural Birch Color is finished with polyurethane outer coats. The patented design includes original locking hinges to prevent unintentional folding of the legs. Easily release each lock by pressing solid brass lock buttons between the thumb and finger. Each leg is tested to over 50 lb. Use the table with a laptop, as a writing desk or a tray table. The leg and base configuration allows clearance for the user to sit up to the table. The user may place their feet on the base for added stability. The wide top allows extra work room or for a full place setting. Easily stored under a couch, on a shelf, stand up in closet. Easily carried under one arm. Clean with a damp cloth. Renew wood surfaces with wood care products. The table includes a full one year warranty.


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15″ x 27″ x 26.5″ 15″ x 27″ x 2.5″ 10 lbs View Instructions Spiderlegs folding tables instructions

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6 reviews for Natural Birch Folding Laptop Desk/ Tray Table

  1. Laurel Kelly

    I have had two laptop tables in my apartment for several years, and they get used on a daily basis in a variety of uses. I have also taken one on car trips for quick roadside picnics. Being a baby boomer and child of the sixties, I am especially delighted that this product is an unsurpassed TV tray!

  2. Pam Lunder

    I love my Laptop table!!! I use it all the time. It is sturdier than an average TV tray and definately looks nicer in my living room. I can easily store it when I want and it doesn’t take up much space, although I tend to leave it up and use it every day.

  3. Hal Kost

    I have a folding laptop desk / tray table now for a few years. It is used by my wife as a multi task side table next to her favorite chair in the living room.
    She loved it the day I got it and she still does , now that’s amazing. :)))
    Always gets compliments from visitors.

  4. Eliza Randall

    I’m interested to know if you make standing desk versions of this…somewhere between 40-55″ high?


    • buzz

      Hi Eliza,
      Thank you for you inquiry.
      We do a lot of custom sizes. Please email your dimensions and special requests to buzz@spiderlegs .com. We will email back details of what we can do and a cost.
      Thank you again,
      Buzz Shabram

  5. Marie

    I would like to know if you could make one that would fit in an average laptop bag. My laptop is w/ a 15in screen, so maybe a table that’s a little bigger, like 20in (for mouse room/pencils, etc). I sometimes need to go to airports and having a personal table that I could fit in a laptop bag and take with me would be ideal.

  6. Hal Kost

    I bought the folding table a few years go for my wife. One of the best gifts I ever bought her.
    People when they see it love it.

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