Hand Crafted Portable Folding Cafe Table


SETS UP IN SECONDS! These unique folding tables, with our patented folding design and original locking hardware, are crafted from Baltic Birch in California.  The collection includes a Natural Birch , Light Cherry, and Dark Walnut stain colors, all with a polyurethane top coat finish. The table is designed to accommodate up to four adults. The table folds like a suitcase for easy storage and has its own built in handle for easy transport. The unique folding base adds stability and flexes slightly with moderately uneven surfaces (prevents rocking common to cafe pedestal tables). Items such as a table cover, picnic supplies or paperwork can be stored or carried in spaces inside the folded table. The locking hinges prevent the table from collapsing when opened. Each leg has been tested to support more than 75 pounds (recommended load limit). Hinge locks may be easily released by pressing the solid brass lock buttons between the thumb and a finger. The table may be used indoors or outdoors and is built 29 inches high to be more compatible with the height of a typical dining table. On carpeted surfaces the base allows the table to be moved (slid) without lifting the table, a useful feature for partially completed puzzles, projects, or scrapbooks. Uses include extended dining, games, cards, puzzles, travel (RVs, motel table), extra desk space, elegant camping and tail gate parties, exhibitions and displays, picnics, patio dining, events. The table includes a full one year warranty.



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30″ x 30″ x 29″ 30″ x 15″ x 4 3/4″ 17 lbs View Instructions Spiderlegs folding tables instructions

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Natural, Light Cherry, Dark Walnut

6 reviews for Hand Crafted Portable Folding Cafe Table

  1. Kevin

    I have found these tables to be really high quality and elegant. I have this folding card table and I will use it on family game nights and also bring it out when we have large family get-togethers. It folds out easily and works great as an extra surface for food or party favors and then stores easily in our closet for next time.

  2. Diane

    I LOVE IT!!!

    I saw it for sale on the Target website of all places and I didn’t think anything I might get from them would be of any great quality, but the price was right so I went ahead and I am SO glad I did. It’s just the right size, folds up in a moment, is light and easy to carry and sets up again like a breeze. I’m THRILLED!!

  3. Stefan

    I worked with Buzz, the owner of SL and he is genuine and the product is quality. I have been in finish carpentry for 20 years and Spiderlegs is a solid product. If you need a folding table for an RV or small apartment, poker night, etc. you have found the source.

  4. Doc Eason

    I am a magician/entertainer. I was directed to your site by some fellow magi who think your tables are the best!

    I was wondering what – if anything- can be done about showing these off to a magic convention audience.. do you wholesale? if I were to have them at my dealer booth, and hawk them a bit, what would be in it for me.? The convention I am thinking about is held in September.

    I am curious also about what it might take to create a slightly taller model for street magicians to use. I see you have a ‘magician’s stand’ .. but I can’t tell how tall it is… The ideal height would be about 35″-40″ tall.

    This may not work at all but I am intrigued by the design and think that it might have a use in the magic trade..

    let me know.


  5. Bob

    got mine today and in addition to being perfectly packed for shipping the table is beautifully made, highly functional, light weight and practically unfolds itself. Fascinating piece of engineering!Best investment I ever made!

  6. A Stembridge

    I got one of these tables as well as the chair for the LARP’s I go to. They are really awesome. Very pretty and portable – also sturdy. LOVE!

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